opinion : Opinion| Trump’s crisis and the tensions between the Kremlin and the White House

Thursday 13 June 2024 10:48 PM

Nafeza 2 world - The ongoing American elections have captured the attention of many, not only due to the significance of electing the next world leader for the next four years but also because of the drama and excitement surrounding it. As the presidential election date draws near, the clashes between the candidates have escalated, moving from civil discourse to below-the-belt tactics, disregarding moral and ethical boundaries. This is evident in the unprecedented legal battles faced by former President and Republican Party candidate, Donald Trump.


Recently, Trump was found guilty on all 34 charges related to manipulating financial records to conceal hush money paid to a pornographic actress just five months before the 2016 presidential elections. Consequently, the Republican billionaire has become the first former US president to be criminally convicted, although this verdict does not bar him from continuing his election campaign or potentially winning the presidency. The political implications of this ruling remain uncertain, raising questions about whether it will force him out of the race, as his opponent Joe Biden hopes, or if a legal and political solution will be devised to allow him to continue. The unfolding events promise a thrilling narrative akin to Hollywood movies, where the protagonist triumphs over all obstacles to achieve the American dream


The verdict reached by the jury in the 12th trial was unanimous after two days of deliberations. They found Trump guilty on all 34 counts related to his falsification of accounting documents. These documents were used to hide the $130,000 payment he made to Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress, in order to avoid a sex scandal during his presidential campaign in 2016. However, the judge in the Manhattan district court has given Trump’s defense team until June 13 to present their defenses. The Public Prosecution also has until June 27 to respond to these defenses. The trial itself was not without excitement. When the jury announced the guilty verdict, Trump remained stoic, with his shoulders slightly slumped. Immediately after the ruling, Trump denounced the trial, calling it “fake” and the verdict a “disgrace.” He maintained his innocence and confidently stated that the “real verdict” would come from the voters on November 5, the day of the presidential elections. President Joe Biden refrained from making any immediate comments. However, his election campaign saw the ruling as evidence that “no one is above the law.” Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, expressed his regret over the guilty verdict, considering it a “shameful day” in US history. Johnson, a Republican leader, criticized the Democrats for celebrating the conviction of the opposition party’s leader on what he deemed as baseless charges. He argued that the testimony came from a lawyer who had been convicted and disbarred, suggesting that the trial was politically motivated rather than a fair judicial process. Shortly after the ruling, Trump’s defense team announced their intention to appeal

The global crisis of governance has escalated, leading to tensions between the Kremlin and the White House over statements regarding Trump’s condemnation. The Kremlin accused the White House of “excluding its political opponents,” while US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken dismissed this as a “projection” tactic. The European Union also joined in condemning Trump and supporting the American judiciary.

Interestingly, Trump’s insults towards the judiciary and comments on court rulings went largely unnoticed, despite his legal troubles. This situation has put the United States in an unprecedented position ahead of the upcoming presidential elections on November 5. Trump, a Republican, will be facing off against Democratic President Joe Biden in a bid to return to the White House. The maximum sentence Trump could face is four years in prison, but typically individuals convicted of such crimes receive shorter sentences, fines, or probation.

This incident highlights the significant role of money in US presidential elections, which has implications for democracy and the electoral process. Private financing and donations to candidates are crucial for election campaigns, although there are regulations in place. Concerns remain about the influence of wealthy individuals and institutions who fund campaigns. Candidates spend substantial amounts on various campaign activities like advertising and public events. Discussions are ongoing about imposing spending limits and providing public financing for campaigns. Studies suggest that well-funded candidates often have an advantage, raising questions about the impact of money on election outcomes. In conclusion, the issue of money’s role in elections remains a complex and important topic.


Dr. Hatem Sadek Professor at Helwan University


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