opinion : Opinion| A Presidency of Bloodshed: How ‘Baby Butcher Biden’ Kills Thousands of Children in US and Middle East

Thursday 13 June 2024 10:48 PM

Nafeza 2 world - Throughout the rich tapestry of American history and the diverse array of its 46 presidents, each commander-in-chief has been associated with a moniker reflecting their unique characteristics. This tradition has become so deeply rooted that it is now customary to bestow a title upon every leader of the United States. George Washington, the first president, was dubbed American Fabius for his strategic prowess during the Revolutionary War, drawing parallels to the tactics of Roman dictator Fabius Maximus.

Theodore Roosevelt earned the nickname “Telescope Teddy” for his innovative use of telescopes on his rifles to aid his long-distance shooting due to his thick spectacles. John Calvin was affectionately known as “Silent Cal” for his reserved nature, with rumours suggesting that he spoke so rarely that a butterfly would fly out every time he did. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was called “The Sphinx” for his enigmatic silence regarding a potential third term in 1940.

Ronald Reagan was famously dubbed the “Teflon President” for his ability to shrug off criticism. George W. Bush was humorously referred to as “a bush” by a former classmate, Molly Ivins. Barack Obama was affectionately called “Barry O’Bomber” by his high school basketball team for his impressive jump shot. Lastly, President Trump was playfully given the moniker “Orange Man” in jest of his unique complexion.


Numerous nicknames have been bestowed upon American presidents by the local American press or members of the American Congress. However, President Joe Biden stands out as he has garnered global attention, earning himself a nickname that reflects the gravity of his actions in Gaza due to his opposition to a ceasefire. On January 16, Clare Daly, an Irish politician and member of the European Parliament, criticised President Biden’s involvement in the Gaza massacres, labelling him as “Butcher Biden.” In a tweet, she expressed, “As Israel loses in the court of public opinion, we see desperate attempts to widen the conflict. All with the blessing and material support of the #ButcherBiden, a US President who claims Irish descent. Keep our country out of your mouth, @JoeBiden. Your ancestors disown you.”


President Biden’s actions have been nothing short of alarming, but the nickname “Butcher Biden” fails to truly convey the gravity of his involvement in both domestic and international atrocities. A more fitting moniker would be “Baby Butcher Biden.” It is a stark reminder that the majority of those affected by his disgraceful choices and policies are innocent children. This fact is not limited to the Middle East; it extends to the very heart of the United States. The statistics speak for themselves, highlighting the tragic loss of innocent lives under his watch.


In Gaza, in a shocking revelation, the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini, has confirmed that the number of children killed during the Gaza war surpasses the number of children killed in conflicts worldwide over a span of four years. Lazzarini presented a compelling graph, comparing the figures of child casualties between 2019 and 2022 globally, and the devastating toll between October 2023 and February 2024 in Gaza. The data, sourced from the United Nations and the Gaza Ministry of Health, paints a grim picture. Astonishingly, a staggering 12,300 children lost their lives in Gaza during that short period, while the global count stood at 12,193 over four years. However, it is important to note that Palestinian health officials reported even higher numbers than those shared by Lazzarini. The Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed that a heart-wrenching 72% of the total deaths, totalling 31,272 cases, were innocent women and children. These statistics were last reported in March, leaving us to ponder the unimaginable toll that has since unfolded.


Undoubtedly, Israel cannot be solely held accountable for these alarming figures. The primary factors contributing to the perpetuation of this tragic situation, without any dispute, are Biden’s biased support for Israel and his reluctance to call for a ceasefire. It is truly perplexing to witness the leader of the Democratic Party being responsible for what can be considered the “most devastating massacre” of children in recent history. The echoes of peaceful American citizens protesting against Biden’s discriminatory policies towards Palestine, chanting “Hey Biden, What Do You Say, How Many Children You Killed Today,” will forever resonate in the annals of American history.


Biden’s blatant disregard for the lives of children is not limited to international affairs; it is also evident within the United States. Right from the beginning of his term, Biden has shown a disdain for the well-being of children in his own country. The Biden-Harris administration wasted no time in pushing forward a radical abortion agenda that allows for unlimited abortions, even up until the moment of birth. This extreme stance has been met with strong opposition from pro-life activists who have called out Biden’s numerous lies about abortion. It is important to set the record straight—Biden is not advocating for the right to abortion, but rather the right to unrestricted and unlimited abortion for any reason whatsoever.


One of the most egregious lies propagated by Biden is his false claim that pro-life states deny pregnant women access to necessary healthcare and life-saving medical treatments. In reality, every pro-life law in America ensures that pregnant women have access to the medical care they need, including in cases of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. It is disheartening to see such misinformation being spread by the President himself.


Up until now, President Joe Biden has been emphasising the importance of abortion in his electoral agenda for the 2024 presidential elections. Quentin Foulkes, the deputy campaign director, highlighted Biden’s commitment to prioritising abortion rights if he secures a second term. During the first campaign rally in 2024, President Biden, along with his wife and Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, gathered in Mensa, Virginia, to advocate for abortion rights. Biden’s focus on this issue is not about genuine concern for abortion rights, but rather a strategic move to rally support against the potential return of former President Donald Trump and the Republicans to power.


However, surprisingly, despite his active support for abortion rights, Biden chose to avoid uttering the word “abortion” in his pro-abortion speeches, opting instead for the more elusive term “reproductive freedom.” This paradoxical behaviour suggests that Biden is well aware of the controversial nature of his stance. During one of his strongly pro-abortion speeches, Biden veered off script to express his support for abortion, but deliberately refrained from using the word itself. In his prepared remarks, he was supposed to say, “Because Texas state law prohibits abortion, Kate and her husband had to leave the state to get the care she needs. My God, what freedoms will she have then?” However, Biden altered his statement to say, “Because Texas law prohibits her ability to act, Kate and her husband had to leave the state to get what she ‘need’.” Sadly, this tragic deviation from his prepared remarks implies that Biden believes the solution to Kate’s situation lies in the termination of her unborn child.


It’s evident that Biden’s priorities lie elsewhere, as he seems to disregard the welfare of children and human lives in general. His focus solely revolves around personal interests, neglecting even the concerns of fellow Americans. It’s disheartening to witness his support for the termination of unborn children, merely as a strategic move to gain an advantage over Trump in the elections. Furthermore, his recent imposition of restrictions on Netanyahu appears to be a calculated attempt to enhance his image among the American electorate. It seems that all Biden desires is a second term as president, regardless of the consequences, even if it means the sacrifice of innocent lives, whether in Gaza or within the United States. Will the courageous American people, who fought for the right to life for Palestinians, grant their vote to “Baby Butcher Biden,” the alleged perpetrator of such atrocities against children?

Dr Marwa El-Shinawy is Academic and writer

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