world : What does the UK government do in Wales?

world : What does the UK government do in Wales?
world : What does the UK government do in Wales?

Wednesday 12 June 2024 10:52 PM

Nafeza 2 world - For many years England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were all run by the UK government, based in Westminster in London.

But in a process called devolution, some powers were passed from Westminster to elected bodies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland at the end of the 1990s.

Wales now has its own law-making body - called the Senedd or the Welsh Parliament - and its own government, led by Welsh Labour's Vaughan Gething.

You can read more about how devolution works across the UK here.

Some of the biggest policy areas that the Welsh government has control over are health, which includes the Welsh NHS, and education, which includes schools.

Other devolved policy areas include transport and speed limits - which has regularly hit the headlines following the Welsh government's 20mph policy which was introduced in 2023.

The UK government remains responsible for a lot, including military, immigration, policing and the courts.

Most taxes, benefits and pensions are also the responsibility of ministers in London.

The UK government also gives the Welsh government most of the billions of pounds that the Welsh government has to spend on things it is responsible for.

Politicians will make all sorts of pledges during the general election campaign some of them will be on things that are run by the Welsh government, rather than the UK government that will be formed after 4 July.

Blurring the lines on who is responsible for what is a common thing politicians do for important areas, such as health and transport, that voters care about.

If politicians are saying they will do something on a devolved issue during the UK general election campaign, the reality is their party would need to be in charge of the Welsh government to make it happen.

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