world : CCTV footage shows attack on 'defenceless' man

world : CCTV footage shows attack on 'defenceless' man
world : CCTV footage shows attack on 'defenceless' man

Wednesday 12 June 2024 10:53 PM

Nafeza 2 world - A jury has been shown CCTV footage of a "defenceless" 32-year-old-man being kicked and punched in a "sustained" attack last September.

Daniel Bradley, 32, went into cardiac arrest and died in hospital on 23 September after the attack near the Brogden pub on New Road, Porthcawl, Bridgend county.

He suffered a displaced fracture on the right side of his ribs, a chest infection which resulted in sepsis, and a brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation.

Steven Chappell, 29, from Cwmdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, denies murder and manslaughter at Cardiff Crown Court.

Jonathan Rees KC, prosecuting, said Mr Bradley was attacked twice in the early hours of 15 September last year after leaving the Brogden pub in Porthcawl with his girlfriend.

He said Mr Chappell's attack was "sustained" on "defenceless" Mr Bradley.

A witness told police officers Mr Chappell had bragged about the attack the following day, telling a friend: "I filled Dan in last night, because he mouthed off to my missus."

The court heard Mr Chappell later told police he had given Mr Bradley £50 to buy cocaine, but he did not receive the drugs and wanted his money back.

The court also heard people living near to where the attack took place told police they saw and heard a disturbance.

Jordan Bellamy, who witnessed the attack, said he heard raised voices outside his bedroom window.

Mr Bellamy described Mr Bradley as "timid and shy", and said he saw the defendant punch him to the ground.

He then saw Mr Bradley's girlfriend push Mr Chappell, adding: "She was angry, trying to get him to stop."

The witness described Mr Chappell punching Mr Bradley as he tried to get up twice.

"The third time - he put his hands on his head, he didn't get up," he added.

Mr Bellamy told the court Mr Bradley did not want to fight, saying: "I could hear punches being thrown, growling, Mr Chappell was enraged.

"It lasted for two whole minutes."

He said there was "blood everywhere" after it finished.

Another witness told police the attack was "really uncalled for and aggressive" and said Mr Bradley did not retaliate at all.

The trial continues.

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