world : Chip shop comes to rescue of couple's wedding day

world : Chip shop comes to rescue of couple's wedding day
world : Chip shop comes to rescue of couple's wedding day

Wednesday 12 June 2024 10:54 PM

Nafeza 2 world - A fish and chip shop owner in Devon has spoken of the "military operation" her team deployed to rescue a couple's wedding day after their caterers cancelled at the last minute.

Kelly Barnes, who runs Krispies in Exmouth with her husband Tim, said she received a call on Friday from a distraught bride whose caterer had pulled out 24 hours before the big day due to illness.

Mrs Barnes told BBC Radio Devon the bride asked if Krispies could step in to supply 110 boxes of fish and chips for guests.

She said the team started preparing food within an hour of receiving the call in a scramble to get the food ready for the next day.

The couple's original caterer was due to do a three-course meal.

Mrs Barnes said her team was "absolutely fantastic" and managed to pull off what she described as a "military operation" to get the job done.

She said "high-tech equipment" meant her husband was able to cook 30 fish at a time and the team got all the food ready and wrapped up in the space of 20 minutes.

"The bride was beside herself as she would have been obviously," she said.

"Everyone had to be in the right stations and it was literally looking at your watch, time perfect and kind of going go, go, go."

Mrs Barnes said the couple and wedding guests were "so lovely" about the food and she would not hesitate to do it again if asked.

She added: "I think if you're in a position to do that in these times that we're in at the moment, then why would you not?"

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