world : The Scotland fans facing a dilemma for the Germany match

world : The Scotland fans facing a dilemma for the Germany match
world : The Scotland fans facing a dilemma for the Germany match

Thursday 13 June 2024 02:30 AM

Nafeza 2 world - For Scotland fans it does not get much better than the possibility, however remote, of upstaging the hosts in the opening match of Euro 2024.

Yet for a small cohort Friday's game against Germany will not be a straightforward binary affair.

Law student Alexander Kersting will be something of a walking contradiction in Munich as he sports a kilt and a Germany strip.

Born in Munich to a Scottish mother, he has spent most of his life in Germany - apart from two months in Glasgow - lending his accent a distinctly Caledonian twang.

Someone who could never be accused of being a glory hunter, Alexander has cheered on Scotland throughout their "euphoric" Euros qualifying campaign.

Now he cannot wait for the showpiece match in Munich.

"I’ve never really seen Scotland play a game this big," he told BBC Scotland News.

"It’s the opening game in Germany, in my home town. It’s going to be pretty emotional."

Alexander said he will have to wait until a ball is kicked to decide who he really wants to win.

He added: "On the one hand, of course, it would be good for Germany to have the three points as they definitely have the better chance of winning the Euros.

"On the other hand, Scotland can be proud of what they have achieved and they deserve to win as well, so I can’t make up my mind."

Alexander predicts a 2-1 win for Germany, with John McGinn to score for Scotland.

He admitted: "I do think that Germans think of themselves as superior, but I don't think they think it will be an easy game. So they definitely have respect."

And what if Scotland did pull off an astonishing upset?

Alexander said: "I think we would think that it would be a disaster."

While he conceded his friends would be "sad and annoyed" if Scotland won, to put it mildly, the law student said his peers "like Scotland and its traditions".

He expects a lot of attention when he gets the train from his home in Dusseldorf to Munich.

"Bavarians will also find it a bit strange seeing the normally very tidy and unchaotic Munich crowded with Scottish fans," Alexander added.

The dilemma facing Stuart Kenny, from Edinburgh, is how wildly to celebrate if Scotland do pull off a shock result.

He is married to Isabelle, a German who works as an NHS doctor.

Isabelle unfortunately cannot make the trip, but Stuart is going to seven games at the Euros - including Friday’s opener - with his in-laws.

He said: "I can’t remember being as excited for anything other than my own wedding, to be honest."

The Hearts fan is attending the game with his schwiegervater (father-in-law), Peter, who has been "patiently listening to me regale tales of Lawrence Shankland's goals from the past season".

He said anything could happen in the opener - except for him containing his excitement if Steve Clarke's men get a goal.

"I won’t be able to prevent myself going wild if Scotland score - but I’ll at least try to not cover Peter in beer."

Max Mackle, 29, is from Stirling but grew up in a bilingual household thanks to his German mother.

Having spent many summers in Germany, the doctor described it as his "second home" and he is used to supporting the three-time Euro winners in the latter stages of major tournaments.

"I’ll be cheering for Scotland in the opening match but Germany is quite a handy back-up team to have," Max told BBC Scotland News.

"It’s a win-win for me but would be even better if Scotland can show their best."

He said the Tartan Army could not have wished for a better location for the match.

"I’m sure it’s going to be a brilliant opening game and I can’t wait to soak up the atmosphere in Munich. It's a fantastic city."

Max is predicting a "tense affair" but added: "If we stay in the game anything is possible."

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