world : 'We became known as the teapot family'

world : 'We became known as the teapot family'
world : 'We became known as the teapot family'

Thursday 13 June 2024 08:45 AM

Nafeza 2 world - Luke Blazyes says that since the age of two "there have been teapots in my life".

The manager of Teapot Island in Kent said his family began collecting teapots in 1993.

"We became known as the teapot family," Mr Blazyes said.

His museum and cafe, in Yalding, which is thought to contain the largest collection of novelty teapots in the UK and was once visited by royalty - is now up for sale after 21 years.

Luke's father, Keith Blazyes, who has owned the site since April 2003, is selling the site and retiring.

"We've had 20-odd years here and it's been brilliant and people people have come from all over the world to see our teapots," he said.

The family began collecting teapots in 1993 and has since amassed a collection of 8,500.

Mr Blazyes said it all began when his wife was gifted a novelty teapot by her grandmother, and another by her aunt and their passion for collecting "grew from there".

King Charles visited the museum in 2014 following serious flooding in the area.

Queen Camilla bought a camel teapot as a souvenir, Mr Blazyes said.

The teapots are not currently included in the list price for the property and associated business.

"They're an extra item if a buyer wants them," Keith Blazyes said.

"We believe we have someone interested who wants to take the collection to Norwich, so Kent could lose its teapot collection which would be shameful."

The collector said running a business in the current climate had been "very, very difficult".

Luke Blazyes said: "It's a sad story really because this was my legacy, I know all about the teapots.

"I don't want to see them go, but some things have to give."

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