world : Men with banned guns jailed after shots fired in village

world : Men with banned guns jailed after shots fired in village
world : Men with banned guns jailed after shots fired in village

Thursday 13 June 2024 10:30 PM

Nafeza 2 world - Two men have been jailed after firing a banned gun in a village in Aberdeenshire, effectively alerting police to their crimes.

Officers who received the report of gunfire found Richard Robinson, 39, and Callum Williamson, 22, with weapons and ammunition at Robinson's cottage in Crimond, following the incident in October last year.

The two admitted recklessly discharging a firearm to the danger of the public, and further firearms offences.

During sentencing at the High Court in Aberdeen, Lord Mulholland told the men he was jailing them for the statutory minimum of five years.

Advocate depute Craig Murray had previously said the derringer weapon found could be classified as an "antique firearm".

It could therefore be exempt from firearm certificate control if it was kept as a "curiosity or ornament".

However the prosecutor explained: "It was not being held for those purposes at the time of the offences."

A pistol found was also a prohibited weapon.

Williamson also admitted breaching the Firearms Licensing Act by possessing a prohibited weapon - the derringer.

Robinson also pleaded guilty to breaching the legislation by possessing the prohibited Colt pistol, and ammunition.

Defence counsel Drew McKenzie said Williamson had some previous convictions but had never had a custodial sentence.

Neil Shand, defending for Robinson, said he had shown regret for his behaviour.

The judge told the men there were strict laws, and firearms were "highly regulated for good reason".

Lord Mulholland said a member of the public could easily have been harmed, and their fate was sealed when police were alerted.

"No-one was injured which was fortunate for you both," he said.

Forfeiture of the guns and ammunition was also ordered.

Det Sgt Richard Cooper of Police Scotland said: “Williamson and Robinson acted recklessly, thinking nothing of the potential danger these illegal firearms could pose to the community.

"Our officers will continue to work to identify and target those who possess firearms illegally."

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