world : Urology inquiry chair rejects 'unfairness' suggestion

world : Urology inquiry chair rejects 'unfairness' suggestion
world : Urology inquiry chair rejects 'unfairness' suggestion

Thursday 13 June 2024 10:31 PM

Nafeza 2 world - She added that Mr O'Brien had the opportunity to comment on certain issues, both in written evidence and orally - and said that "any suggestion that he has been hampered in doing so by not having access to medical notes and records from this inquiry is entirely refuted”.

"He has been afforded every opportunity to explain how he practised in general terms and to deal with specific allegations regarding his practice," she said.

The inquiry’s chair asked Mr O'Boyle to "accept, on behalf of Mr O'Brien, that there has been no unfairness in the inquiry's treatment of him".

Mr O'Boyle said he was an advocate and not a witness and couldn't give evidence on behalf of Mr O'Brien.

The exchange continued, with the chair repeating that the inquiry is "not making judgments about care in individual cases" and that "there is no need to share any medical notes and records with anyone, Mr O'Brien or any other core participant”.

"The fact that one core participant has access to those medical notes and records is simply because they hold them, rather than for any other reason,” she told the inquiry.

"Anything that was shared with the core participants that is relevant is in the evidence bundles," she said.

Ms Smith said the inquiry is "primarily looking at governance, and as Mr Lunny [counsel for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust] quite aptly put it in his written submissions, Mr O'Brien's practice is the gateway through which we are looking at those governance issues".

The inquiry also heard closing submissions on behalf of the Southern Health Trust and the Department of Health.

Thursday’s session was the last planned hearing of the urology inquiry until the report into it is completed.

The inquiry’s chair could not say when the final report would be delivered.

But she said she would "work as expeditiously as possible to complete it".

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