world : Forbes sets out SNP's 'in-between' stance on oil and gas

world : Forbes sets out SNP's 'in-between' stance on oil and gas
world : Forbes sets out SNP's 'in-between' stance on oil and gas

Friday 14 June 2024 02:30 AM

Nafeza 2 world - The debate also focused on Labour’s plans for VAT on private schools, a move which Mr Ross – who went to a state school – said would end up putting pressure on the state sector.

Mr Sarwar called the plan a “balanced decision” to allow more money to be invested in state schools, while Ms Forbes called it going for a “soft target”.

However she would not say if the SNP supported the plan, ahead of publication of her party's manifesto next week.

Discussion on healthcare saw both Ms Forbes and Mr Sarwar call for more funding for the NHS, though the deputy first minister was criticised over the SNP's stewardship of the health service, which is devolved to Holyrood.

Pressed on NHS waiting time figures – where 7,000 patients have waited two years for treatment – she said they were on a “trajectory” of improvement.

Mr Sarwar said many patients were now being force to turn to private treatment, and he called for the NHS system to be streamlined by reducing the number of Scottish health boards.

He said: “We should have fewer bureaucrats, fewer managers and more doctors and more nurses in our NHS. We could make that change tomorrow if we wanted to.”

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