world : Taylor Swift's views 'encourage' Swifties to vote

world : Taylor Swift's views 'encourage' Swifties to vote
world : Taylor Swift's views 'encourage' Swifties to vote

Friday 14 June 2024 08:30 AM

Nafeza 2 world - Taylor Swift has arrived in Liverpool as part of her much-anticipated UK-leg of the Eras tour - to the delight of thousands of Swifties.

The pop star opened the first of a three-night spectacular at Anfield on Thursday, with fans describing her arrival as a "beautiful moment" for the city.

Youthful enthusiasm for Swift, who has been outspoken about her views in the past, is no doubt the envy of would-be MPs looking to get young voters to tell their party You Belong with Me.

So, with Your Voice, Your Vote asking people about the issues that matter to them, we went to Anfield to ask if Taylor Swift’s music had influenced her fans' political outlook - and whether they are in their voting Era.

Jae Blackburn, 22, from Southport on Merseyside, said they were "in disbelief" as they had been "waiting the majority of my life" to see Taylor Swift perform.

Turning to the election, they said they would be voting to "play a part in the decision of what our future looks like".

They added that it was also "important" for "people of all ages have their chance to say what they want out of society".

Describing Taylor's political influence, they said that 2020 song Only The Young "goes into a lot about the younger generation" and how "we are the are the ones that are going to have the save the world".

Felicity Zimmermann, 23, had travelled from Middlewich in Cheshire for the gig.

Asked about the upcoming general election, the Swiftie said it was important to vote because "I don't think you can complain if you don't".

She said Taylor Swift's outspoken views about social topics had "encouraged" her to vote, as "she's very outwardly spoken on it", adding that "as long as your voting for something you believe in, then it's worthwhile".

Will Khanna, 18, from Runcorn, said it was "kinda crazy" that Swift had come to Anfield for the gig as "most artists" go to Manchester instead.

He said he had registered to vote as it was his first chance to vote in a general election and he thought it was "important to take a stand on what I believe in".

Will cited Taylor's song You Need To Calm Down as an example of the pop star's political influence, saying it "talks about gay rights and how women are treated in the music industry".

But not all the Swifties in attendance will be able to vote in the election.

Eira Quinn, 16, travelled to the gig from Cornwall with her mum, describing Taylor's performance as something that she had "wanted for so long".

But despite not being eligible to choose an MP, she said she was "definitely" looking forward to voting in the future.

Describing Swift's song Only The Young, she said it was a "great song that talks about why young people should vote" and "how young people can change the future if they wanted to".

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