world : Landowner who cut down protected woodland fined

world : Landowner who cut down protected woodland fined
world : Landowner who cut down protected woodland fined

Friday 14 June 2024 11:30 PM

Nafeza 2 world - Lane, from Lower Fairwood, was found guilty in 2022 of felling trees without a license and failing to comply with a notice to restock the trees he chopped down.

He later lost his appeal against both convictions.

The first proceeds of crime hearing in relation to the illegal tree felling heard the total value of benefit to Lane was £78,614.

Retired mechanic Lane bought the land in 2017 for his daughter to run a pony trekking and alpaca walking business.

He claimed the trees were rotting and dangerous. He was given a license to thin them out but not chop down the entire woodland.

NRW officers were given photos taken by the Gower Society in September 2020 showing an area of wiped out trees.

David Singh, defending, said Lane had no previous convictions and was suffering from poor health.

"He is unable to pay his mortgage and after paying his car loan and daily living costs he is left with virtually nothing," he said.

Judge Richard Kember said Lane was guilty of "criminal conduct" and had gained pecuniary advantage by not complying with the enforcement notice to restock the woodland.

"It wouldn’t be going too far to say the woodland has been effectively eradicated.

"You were given a thinning license designed to encourage the habitat to flourish and grow. It is for a reduction, not an eradication.

"This was a blatant exceeding of the permission you had been granted."

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