world : 'Nice to give a bit back' - Bellingham to critics

world : 'Nice to give a bit back' - Bellingham to critics
world : 'Nice to give a bit back' - Bellingham to critics

Monday 1 July 2024 10:31 PM

Nafeza 2 world - ITV pundit Gary Neville was England manager Roy Hodgson's assistant when the team suffered a shock defeat by Iceland in the last 16 of Euro 2016.

Neville said England's performance against Slovakia gave him "Iceland vibes" before manager Gareth Southgate's side avoided a similar exit.

"The players are starting to sound like those of the past, referring to outside criticism," said Neville following the match.

"Lads, get your innocence back, get your love for tournament football back. No-one wants to lose here, everyone wants you to win.

"No-one has criticised them personally, no-one is questioning their character, no-one has said they're not working hard - all we've said is they're not playing football very well and there's an imbalance in the team.

"It still needs sorting and it's not like the criticism has been over the top in that respect."

Speaking alongside Neville on ITV, former Republic of Ireland midfielder Roy Keane said: "You have to give them praise as we were really critical at half-time but they found a way to win. The top players found a moment.

"God help us if Bellingham starts playing well. They had two huge moments and they got themselves over the line. Credit where it's due."

BBC Sport football news reporter Alex Howell:

Many elite athletes have spoken about how they use external issues or ideas in their heads to motivate them to continue to perform at a high level.

There are stories about Cristiano Ronaldo pushing team-mates to match his training levels and Michael Jordan in the Netflix documentary ‘The Last Dance’ continually mentions how he would use things not in his control to drive him to perform at his limit.

It seems that Bellingham is no different to those iconic athletes.

During the post-match press conference Bellingham said it was nice to "give a bit back" to people who had been speaking "rubbish" about him and England.

The Real Madrid midfielder also and in his post on Instagram after the match included a picture of a section of a famous speech from former President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

‘The Man in the Arena’ starts by saying ‘It is not the critic who counts...’ and is basically saying the person performing should get the credit - and not those speaking about the performance.

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